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WellDerma Collagen Impact Essential Mask, 10 sheets/box

WellDerma Collagen Impact Essential Mask, 10 sheets/box

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Exclusive fabric, only available with WellDerma Mask Pack, and highly enriched essence not only create the transparent moisturizing barrier to maintain soft skin but also deliver active components of essence deep into the skin to alleviate skin and improve skin elasticity.

Offering radiance for each layer of skin cells and texture. Containing vitality-providing collagen and citric acid, the product delivers nourishment and hydration to the skin, ensuring healthy, moisturized and resilient skin.

1.New-type Mask Fabric:
WellDerma has developed a new-type fabric for its mask after the years of efforts. The mask made of the transparent fabric with highly enriched essence features its excellent application.
2. Highly-enriched ampoule with collagen:
Collagen is contained. Collagen has a great effect on vitalizing skin. Citric-acid component not only cultivates healthy skin but also makes dry skin vibrant and soft by delivering abundant moisture.