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The History of Whoo Radiant White Royal Whitening 8pcs Special Gift Kit

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Radiant White Balancer
Makes skin transparent, pure and moist. Exotic oriental medicine-based chilhyang palbaeksan ingredients and gamguksu, a simmered and cold-processed wild chrysanthemum essence, are absorbed deep into the skin to make the skin as clean and clear as a white gem. It enhances the effectiveness of skin care products used in subsequent steps. Brightening effects, strenghten skin affinity, improves skin tone.

Radiant White Emulsion
Soft and moist oriental herbal Whitening Emulsion which keeps the skin clear, vibrant, and transparent. Wild chrysanthemum extract, an active whitening ingredient, and chilhyang palbaeksan produce a whitening synergy. Whitening Emulsion helps keep the skin clean and transparent with a refreshed sensation. It goes on lightly and gently, is rapidly absorbed and leaves no stickiness or dryness only moisturization and smoothness. Light and cool finish by Chrysanthemum Indicum. Instant skin absorption. Moisturizing effects without stickiness

Radiant Whitening Essence
Whitening Essence which improves skin brightness and clarity simultaneously. A pure and rich textured whitening essence, which is made by the precious medicinal herbal and secrets from courts from the ancient times. This manages dark skin blemish and help to provide balanced and transparent skin tone. Powerful moisturizing effects. Instant brightening effects. Expresses long-lasting bright complexion.

Radiant White Moisture Cream
A cream that penetrates into skin in the form of water drops with tight adhesion to make it transparent and radiant with brilliance. The new secret ingredients give bright light onto the skin. High-density oxygen clathrate technique. Snowflower wax protects membrane. Power moisturizing effects. Increases skin elasticity by resolving “phenomenon of skin suffocation”

Radiant White Ultimate Corrector
A stunning flaw and blemish care effects. Powerful whitening effects (10% freckle improvement in 4 weeks and 66% in 8 weeks). A highly enriched texture like an ointment. Covers skin flaws instantly and smoothly. Bombycis Corpus is added. Precious medicinal ingredient made by fermenting Silkworms with Beauveria Bassiana (a kind of fungus) causing the surface to be covered by white powder. Removes freckles and flaws and brightens up the skin complexion. Containing highly enriched Pearl Wild Ginseng™+SeolGamSan, the beauty secret of Yang Kuei Fei

Radiant White Sun Essence SPF46 PA++
Expresses skin’s natural radiance. Essence-like texture without stickiness. Lightweight sunscreen. Creates bright complexion. Primer or makeup base effects. Strong moisturizing effects

Brightening Peeling Gel
A removal agent for dead skin cells, which purifies the skin at the first stage of whitening. Gommage type peeling gel. Softly removes old dead skin cells, sebum, and waste without irritation to brighten skin complexion instantly. Keeps the skin texture smooth

Brightening Foam Cleanser
Oriental herbal whitening essence foam which removes skin residues with rich and fine foams. A snow-white herb extract foam cleanser that adds transparency to your skin. While the rich and fine foam of the water-soluble cleanser thoroughly removes impurities and sebum even from the skin’s pores, its oriental medicinebased chilhyang palbaeksan ingredients help keep the skin moist and clear. Removes the wastes in pores with fine foams. Moisturizing effects. Easy rinse and refreshing finish

This 8pcs special gift kits includes:

Radiant White Balancer  20ml
Radiant White Emulsion  20ml
Radiant Whitening Essence  5ml
Radiant White Moisture Cream  4ml
Radiant White Ultimate Corrector  4ml
Radiant White Sun Essence SPF46 PA++  6ml
Brightening Peeling Gel  13ml
Brightening Foam Cleanser  13ml