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SU:M37 Secret Eye Cream Set -Ja Baak Special Edition

SU:M37 Secret Eye Cream Set -Ja Baak Special Edition

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A special collaboration with Korean artist Je Baak.
  •  Secret Eye Cream: Natural fermentation ingredients of this eye care cream, which has matured for a long time, resolves the three worries of eye rim skin by strengthening the skin firmness and vitalizing and firming the skin around your eyes.
  • Secret Essence Mist: brings the natural radiance from your skin.
This special edition set includes:
  • SU:M37 Secret Eye Cream Ja Baak Special Edition 25ml;
  • SU:M37 Secret Mist 60ml
  • SU:M37 Secret Repair Toner 20ml
  • SU:M37 Secret Repair Emulsion 20ml
  • SU:M37 Skin Saver Essential Forms 40ml