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SNP Golden Cocoon 3 Step Thread Tightening Mask, 5 sheets/box

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The main component of silk, " Sericin protein" is a natural moisturizing component that protects the cocoon and has twice amount of moisturizing effect than hyaluronic acid. Compared to normal cocoon, golden cocoon contains more essential amino acids so it is especially good for anti oxidation and brightening.

Step 1- Tightening Serum

  • Keep dry skin moist. when used with step 2 mask, the serum gives additional tightening effect
  • Hyaluronic acid and collagen helps give moisture and tension to skin
  • Double function item with birthing/Anti-wrinkle functions

Step 2- Tightening Mask

  • Film-type mask that gives more tension to the skin and supplies moisture to dry skin due to collagen in the thread web
  • A film-type mask with collagen dried onto the thread web.when used with serum, nutrients of the mask turns into gel form and gets absorbs to the skin

Step 3- Firming Cream

  • Includes 200mg of golden cocoon extract
  • A cream with collagen that supplies moisture and tension to the skin
  • Absorption without stickiness
  • Smooth and glossy skin due to the supplying of nutrients to the skin Double Functional cream with brightening/anti-wrinkle function