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Shangpree Green Premium Modeling mask, 5 Treatments/box

Shangpree Green Premium Modeling mask, 5 Treatments/box

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Luxurious Spa Treatment for more translucent skin with a luminous glow!

Now buy any 2 boxes of Shangpree Masks, to get 1 free golden mixing bowl set. 

Featuring snail mucin, spirulina and chlorella, this mask is ideal for soothing redness from irritated, inflamed skin. The cool, jelly texture ensures skin remains calm and hydrated even after removing the mask. Ideal for Troubled, Irritation-prone skin. 

Infused with green botanicals, calming & refreshing Snail gel and active spirulina powder work together to relax your skin and revitalize your complexion with our trade mark Aesthetician formula.

Size: Gel: 50 g; Powder: 4.5 g

Bowl and spatula not included and can be purchased separately.

Mix [1] Green Gel and [2] Active Collagen Powder together. Spread evenly over the face and neck and apply to cleansed and toned skin; we recommend mixing and spreading on to face and neck using the antimicrobial gold bowl and spatula, specially designed for easy and sanitary use of modeling masks (bowl and spatula sold separately and are reusable). Leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Peel it off in one piece. Optional to follow-up with skincare regimen.