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Merbliss Wedding Dress Ruby Mask Pack, 5 sheets/box

Merbliss Wedding Dress Ruby Mask Pack, 5 sheets/box

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New mask from Merbliss! Contains red ginseng, cherry blossom, and ruby ​​extracts to invigorate your skin with nutrients and vitality. Using micro-fiber sheet mask material for long term hydration.

Merbliss is an abbreviation for “May Everyday Remain BLISS.” We understand the greatness of small daily happiness in life and how cherishable they can be. Every moment from the sweetness of a short break, mind healing from a short voyage, and a short time of your own, we want to be there with you at all times to make unforgettable memories and to share your happy moments.

How to Use
Apply for 15-20 minutes. After removal, lightly massage face with the remaining serum until it is fully absorbed.