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Mediheal A.R.P Smoothing Neck Patch, 4 sheets/box

Mediheal A.R.P Smoothing Neck Patch, 4 sheets/box

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Wrinkle improvement functioning neck patch which provides moisture and vitality and takes care of neck line.

Mediheal Mediental A.R.P Smoothing Neck Patch provides the ingredients effectively as ginseng callus culture extract, FGF, IGF, TGF (SH-Polypeptide-1, RH-Polypeptide-2), SH-oilgo peptide-2 including 'Lys'lastine V ,France ingredient’, cares neck wrinkles carefully and fills with sufficient moisture and elasticity .

Maintains smooth neck line , by being twined around neck closely and providing intensive moisture and nutrients with the patent patch.

  1.   A patch which adheres to the neck to deliver moisture and nutrients.
  2.   Can also be used on the forehead for the same effects.
  3.   Progressively smooths the appearance of fine lines and increase elasticity.
  4.   An insoluble hydro gel contains its active ingredients for 72 hours.

Suitable for all skin types