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Laneige Anti-Aging BB Cushion, 15g+1 refill

Laneige Anti-Aging BB Cushion, 15g+1 refill

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Cover-fit Complex offers perfectly fit coverage that becomes more resilient with each pat!

With blemishes and fine lines, my skin looks 10 years older than my real age!

The more I pat, the better Anti-aging BB Cushion covers imperfections and fine lines on skin and makes skin resilient.

Try expressing perfectly covered baby face with smooth, resilient skin all day long!

1. With each pat, resilient and perfectly fit coverage is expressed: Cover-fit Complex™ 

The flat-type particles of Cover-fit Complex are trapped between networks of tight elastomers, so the more the complex is patted on skin, the more layers of elasticity there are that perfectly cover blemishes on skin, since the formula effectively covers up micro-fine bumps and fine wrinkles, making skin look smoother and more resilient

2. For resilient skincare: Dynamic Collagen_EX

Formulated with Dynamic Collagen_EX, Laneige’s Time Freeze line makes skin resilient, smooth, and elastic.

3. Never-Excessive, Subtly Elegant Glow
Optical oil that boldly refracts light gets broken down into fine particles to reflect light evenly and in fixed directions while maintaining a luxurious glow for many hours as if coming from within.

Clinically Proven Effects

  • 12-hour Coverage :Immediately after using a sample, the darkened area indicating skin brightness significantly decreased and maintained such significant difference after 12 hours.
  • 12-hour Glow:Immediately after using a sample, the intensity parameter indicating skin’s glow significantly increased and maintained such significant difference after 12 hours.
  • Maximize Elasticity:Immediately after using a sample, the R2, R5, and R7 parameters indicating the resilience of skin color significantly increased, and the ratio of skin sagging significantly decreased.