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Jayjun Gold Snow Black Mask, 5 sheets + 5 Serum/ Box

Jayjun Gold Snow Black Mask, 5 sheets + 5 Serum/ Box

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Gold Snow Black Mask 25ml (5ea), Black Pearl First Repair Serum 1ml (5ea)

A luxurious mask pack that makes your skin clear and bright with pure gold essence and is also effective in supplying nutrition, wrinkle care and skin brightening with its black pearl first repair serum.

The mask pack which contains pure gold soothes irritated skin and makes it clear and bright by giving energy to tired skin. It is a luxurious mask pack that also contains Black Peal First Repair Serum which gives ample amount of moisture and nutrition to your skin and keeps it resilient and hydrated for a long period of time.

 How to use: 

1. After washing and basic skincare, take the mask sheet out and spread it evenly over the face.
2. Peel off the mask sheet after 10~20 minutes and by gently patting, let the leftover essence sink into your skin.
3. After applying Black Pearl First Repair Serum, let it sink into your skin by gently patting.