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IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning +56 Facial Care Cotton Pads

IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning +56 Facial Care Cotton Pads

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The enhanced Bio-redox™ in Bio Essence optimizes skin condition and perfects bright and smooth skin.

Bio-redox™ has been developed to recreate Thioredoxin, an essential anti-oxidant
Thioredoxin is an essential compound to skin's bio activities. IOPE developed Bio-redox™ compound that is 100% the same as Thioredoxin by adjusting the temperature, light, water and air for 25 days with IOPE’s bio-incubating technologies.

Contains 60 billion bio-enzymes
Bio Essence you use each time (3 ml) contains over 60 billion bio-enzymes. Optimize your skin condition with bio-enzymes and experience visible skin improvements.

For brighter and smoother skin
The more often you use Bio Essence, the smoother, clearer and brighter your skin will become.

How to use: ( Recommended amount of use each time: 3 ml (use 1/3 to wet the middle part of the cotton pad).

1. Place a cotton pad between your index and ring fingers and wet it sufficiently with Bio Essence.

2. Gently wipe your face with the cottom pad, from the center of either cheeks or forehead to the sides. Gently pay dry.

3. The cotton pad will help deliver active components of the essence deep inside skin. Pat dry.