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Hera UV Mist Cushion Nicholas Kirkwood Limited Edition, 15g+1 refill

Hera UV Mist Cushion Nicholas Kirkwood Limited Edition, 15g+1 refill

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Hera x Nicholas Kirkwood Collaboration heightens Seoulista’s beauty with powerful colors and bold touch!The extraordinary combination of feminine floral pattern and metallic graphic lines give Seoulista unexpectedly pleasant energy and joy.

UV MIST CUSHION completes SEOULISTA’s glowing skin! Showcasing the interplay of vivid metallic lines and flower pattern.

Mist + Foundation + Sunblock + Whitening + Cooling

  • A multi-function sunblock foundation that works as a mist, foundation and sunblock to brighten and cool down the skin for dewy and glowing.
  • Instant hydration and cooling effect with mineral clay water, Mineral clay water contains microscopic clay, which is found in icy seawater and is smaller than fog particles.
  • It is used in place of purified water to enhance hydration in the skin through control of osmotic  pressure to help lesson impurities, remove dead skin cells and excess sebum to keep the skin clean,  clear and moisturized.
  • In addition, it contains 30% mineral clay water that cools down the skin temperature as soon as  it touches the skin to leave the skin feeling refreshed.