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Hera Cell Essence- Garance Wilkens Collaboration , 225ml+90 Cotton Pads

Hera Cell Essence- Garance Wilkens Collaboration , 225ml+90 Cotton Pads

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A special packing edition collaborated between HERA and New York, Paris based fashion and lifestyle illustrator Garance Wilkens.

CELL ESSENCE is a functional essence that prevents Skin Desertification while delivering moisture deep inside to leave skin clean, clear and flawless.

Thoroughly and solidly Fills the skin with a luminous glow - CELL ESSENCE

Prevents "desertification of skin" and moisturizes skin for a bright, dewy complexion:As we age, we experience a number of skin problems including dry, tight and rough skin with a gradual build up of dead skin cells. HERA carried out research on 129 Korean women and defined the core of these problems as Skin Desertification.

Eight skin cell activators for glowing, youthful skin:Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.0 contains eight skin cell activating ingredients that boosts the natural strength of skin to keep it healthy. Experience how your skin changes after using CELL ESSENCE with softer, brighter skin hydrated from deep within.

First-step skincare essence
This water-type essence is used at the first step of skincare routine after cleansing. It boosts the absorption of the following skincare products for maximum efficacy.