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Heimish Dailism Brow Cara -  #01 Light Brown

Heimish Dailism Brow Cara - #01 Light Brown

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Formulated using the Velvet Touch System, the texture is simultaneously waxy and powdery and goes on smoothly, drying in seconds. Designed to last all day long, the Brow Cara won’t fade or smudge. The small tapered brush allows for clean and precise application. 

Tattooing effect that lasts all day long

  • The moist oil coating formula prevents the erasing of the makeup because of water, sweat, and sebum, is absorbed with a moisturizing effect, and leaves the mascara looking natural all day long.         
  • The dual comb brush prevents lumping, and enables easy and quick application
  • The dual comb brush of two different lengths enables even and neat application without lumping. 

Expiry Date: 2018-03