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Clio Nudism Water-Grip Cushion, 12g + 1 refill

Clio Nudism Water-Grip Cushion, 12g + 1 refill

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A Science that delivers full coverage on a bare-faced look, with bursts of moisture that absorb flawlessly into skin.

The Glow of light on the skin, waterfall and natural skin expression!

  • Calculated Nude makeup: Nudism grants full, natural coverage all the while mimicking a bare face
  • Ultra intense moisture: A high-tech cushion made with honeycomb mesh that releases formula with over 70% moisture content immediately upon pressure
  • Flawless hydration : who said moisture cushions slide right off and don't last? This on delivers powerful and cool moisture that settles in seamlessly as if it were your own skin 

Expiry Date: 2019-02