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Avajar Perfect V Lifting Premium Black Mask, 5 sheets/box

Avajar Perfect V Lifting Premium Black Mask, 5 sheets/box

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Special fabric that has elasticity, flexibility, and ability to revert back to its original size used to prevent tearing, distortion, and contraction. Used special fabric that aids in creating lift.

Free of adhesive components that cause irritation & includes pore tightening properties for men who shave!Includes protein and fiber for the skin that is frequently irritated by shaving; with oligosaccharide included to aid the tightening of pores and elasticity in the skin.


One whole bottle of highly enriched essence included, Twice the hydration with collagen and hyaluronic properties infused inside!

Technology that uses stabilized production methods that prevent the separation of the fabric and gel.

Unlike different the different sheet masks on the market, our product uses a special fabric; with the stabilized production methods, the gel is absorbed into the skin very well.