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April Skin Turn-Up Color Treatment, 5 colors are available

April Skin Turn-Up Color Treatment, 5 colors are available

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2 Weeks Shiny Colour Tinting! This is not a permanent hair dye, It is a color treatment which tints hair.

  • 2 weeks long hair tint: this is not a permanent hair dye, but a hair treatment which gives a color to a hair and nourishes at the same time, the color naturally fades away after 2-3 weeks, you could try a new hair color in every 2 weeks;
  • Color Tinting without damaging cuticles: unlike a permanent hair dye which expands cuticles to penetrate a color inside, this hair treatment attaches the color pigment on to a surface of the hair, therefore, there is no cuticle damage;
  • Nourishing ahi with a shine : 20 herb extracts nourishes a brittle hair, so even on a seriously damaged hair can have define color and shine. 


  • Who has damaged hair from series of dying and bleaching but cannot give up on the style;
  • Who wants to change to a different color every 2 weeks;
  • Who wants to nourish and color the hair at the same time;
  • Who wants to create one's unique style by mixing colors. 

Color Choices:

  • Red: eye-catching color
  • Orange: fresh and lively color
  • Peach pink: warm and lovely cherry blossom color
  • Pink: unique and vivid color
  • Green Blue: Mysterious blue marine color