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A.H.C Premium Photo Complex Mask 2nd Generation, 5 sheets/box

A.H.C Premium Photo Complex Mask 2nd Generation, 5 sheets/box

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Wrinkle Fighting Technology: Containing skin-friendly soluble collagen (50%), fermented soy extract, and organic soy extract which work to prevent deformation and destruction of the elastic cells in the skin. This mask prevents/delays the pace of aging of the skin by improving skin elasticity and at the same time forms a strong protective film to retain skin flexibility and vitality. 

Provides Comprehensive Nourishment to the Skin.

  • Cooling Effect: It provides skin with the moisture and nourishment. Feel that healthy, renewed sensation as the cooling effect works into skin to bring back a healthy glow.
  • POWER TIGHTENING CARE : Bean ferment ingredients tightens up loose and slack skin.
  • NOURISHING WRINKLE CARE : Adenosine is filled in the gaps of wrinkles, resulting in firmer and more smoothened skin.
  • MOISTURIZING CARE : Ultra moisturizing ingredients that keep skin hydrated and soft.
  • NUTRITIONAL CARE : Containing 50% of hydrolysed collagen solution that has enriched energizing nutrients.
  • TENCEL SHEET : 100% natural cellulosic fiber developed by Courtaulds.

How to Use:

  • It is recommended to use once or twice per week, sticking the mask onto cleansed skin, to be twenty to thirty minutes, you can gently massage until completely absorbed.
  • For best result, please put the mask into the Refrigerator for 10-20 mins, until the " Thermometer" turning " green", please refer the picture .

Expiry Date: 2019-10