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3CE Stylenanda Lip Color Matte- #No. 805 R19

3CE Stylenanda Lip Color Matte- #No. 805 R19

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The creamy application of matte lipstick captivates the tension of lips. Apply lipstick after applying primer and maintain a clean lip color for a  long time.

#No. 805 R19 : Bright raspberry color that stimulates the eyes, This thrilling color, R19, will fix all attention on you at first glance. Select this color to reveal a different side of you .

  • Primer Matte Texture: which aids lipstick to stay on lips, creates fine lip lines with a single touch of primers without any scrub-off effect;
  • Pigment Infusion System: upgrade the formation of colors with one or two touches and create an even richer and sensuous effect 
  • Creamy Spread: its creamy speed makes blending easy for natural gradation and allows for various expressions of makeup