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3CE Love Baby Glow Cushion( #002- Medium Beige) , 15g

3CE Love Baby Glow Cushion( #002- Medium Beige) , 15g

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Dazzling babyskin , A supple and high-glossy cushion just like a pearl lightning up its shell.

Ultrafine pigments, high-glossy oils, and low molecular hyaluronic acid delicately and flawlessly caress the skin, presenting you with a baby-soft face that glows from within.

  • Ultra-creamy texture as rich as a facial creams
  • Achieve soft baby skin that glows from within
  • Mild Makeup that soothes the skin
  • Zero Darkening 
  • UV Protection(SPF50+,PA++)

 Color Choices:

  • 001- A creamy ivory beige to illuminate light-toned skin
  • 002- A medium beige for enhancing your natural skin tone