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SU:M37 Welcome Special Kit, 3 pcs/box

SU:M37 Welcome Special Kit, 3 pcs/box

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SU:M37 just released this special set, quantity limited, please stock it up before they all gone!

This special set includes:

SU:M37 Secret Essence 30ml

SU:M37 Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream, 20ml

SU:M37 Sun-away Cooling Sun CC Cushion, 15g

  • Secret Essence: Representing su:m37, Secret Essence is a fruit of natural fermentation technology. Natural fermentation technology that has been further upgraded based on rhythmic fermentation with natural flow of light and sound makes it possible for Cytosis®. Experience the secret of beautiful skin from the inside with newly updated Secret Essence.
  • Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream:The SU:M37 Water-full line is designed to moisturize skin and increase the density of moisture using four key fermented ingredients: Bamboo water contains amino acids that are beneficial to the health of the skin. Red clover flower extract promotes skin vitality. Hibiscus flower extract promotes moisture. Gold-silver flower has a pore minimizing effect.
  • Sun-away Cooling Sun CC Cushion: this cooling sunblock for touch-up lowers the skin temperature and provide a fabulous coverage the moment it is applied.
    ( SPF50+/PA+++/Wrinkle alleviation function/Whitening function)