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Laneige Layering Cover Cushion & Concealing Base, 14g+2.5g

Laneige Layering Cover Cushion & Concealing Base, 14g+2.5g

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2 in 1 cushion that adjusts covering power by layering concealer and cushion to produce perfect and bright skin without falling down.

  1. Perfect cover and persistence without darkening
  2. Vivid Coloring
  3. Vivid light/Matte makeup finish control
  4. Moistening without moisture by maximizing moisture
  5. Dual functional product

Aqua Melting technology : 

The high cover stick concealer is melted texture that melts by the skin temperature and pressure put in the cushion carrier, and is gently applied to the skin and firmly adhered

Illuminating Jewel Powder:

Jewel powder that gives a bright pink lighting effect when applying the skin, makes a three-dimensional feeling, and produces a fresh color on the high cover .